The Columbus Organization Meets Requirements to be Designated as a Qualified Organization in Florida

The Columbus Organization today announced that the Agency for Persons with Disabilities for the State of Florida (APD) has determined that the company currently met the requirements to be designated as a “Qualified Organization” and will be formally designated once Chapter 65G-14 is entirely promulgated.  As one of the first support coordination agencies to achieve this designation, The Columbus Organization is eligible to be one of the select qualified agencies able to continue providing support coordination services after July 1, 2021.  Based on revised state criteria, smaller agencies and solo support coordinators will be required to work for a Qualified Organization after this date. 

Patricia Rendon, Florida Executive Director, commented, “This is a significant accomplishment for Columbus.  The size of the organization, unmatched infrastructure, financial stability, and corporate culture have just been validated by this APD designation, and we look forward to supporting an even greater number of individuals and families in Florida.”

With the deadline quickly approaching, solo support coordinators are urgently seeking opportunities to continue their valuable work, and finding a Qualified Organization will be essential.  To support this process, The Columbus Organization is setting up a hotline to help answer questions about the transition and potential options moving forward. 

To reach the hotline, solo support coordinators can call 813-765-0112 or email

Jeff Klimaski, CEO and President, stated “This designation underscores the tremendous need for qualified agencies in the state. We welcome new support coordinators who share our passion and commitment to the people we serve.

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