About Us

Who Are We

The Columbus Organization is a group of caring professionals whose mission is to assist children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities achieve independence through a life that is meaningful to them. With a person-centered planning & thinking approach, it is our vision to be recognized as an organization that transforms individuals’ lives and provides families the peace of mind in knowing their loved one has a voice and a valued role in their community. Because everyone deserves a meaningful life®


Provide each and every consumer we support a more meaningful life, as seen through the eyes of the individual.

We adhere to the following set of principles and values:

  • Communicate honestly and openly
  • Have fun at work; celebrate, live dreams and have humor
  • Share ideas without borders
  • Demonstrate the value of innovation and empowerment
  • Think critically and then act
  • Recognize that everyone has the right to a meaningful life and the accountability to achieve it
  • Strive to make a positive difference in someone’s life
  • Cherish life and pursuit of meaning
  • Assume goodwill
  • Recognize and celebrate success and meaningful impact

What We Do

We start our process by getting to know the individuals we support – your goals, your vision. We then focus on how to achieve it.  We help you navigate your community, providing peace of mind and the confidence that you have a partner in the journey. 

Our employees are experts who have deep experience, along with new and creative ways of thinking, that is refined through predictive outcomes data analysis, and supported by resources that enable us to handle many types or sizes of challenge.

We understand everyone is unique, and for those who require extra assistance and for those who serve them, we match/combine with a care coordinator who has the experiences necessary.