Community Navigation in Delaware


Families receive monthly contact with person-centered Community Navigators who:

  • Are knowledgeable about the individual’s history and changing needs
  • Respond promptly for questions and change requests
  • Listen to the individuals’ stories, concerns and feelings
  • Are strong advocates when requesting increased services from state agencies
  • Recognize dignity, worth and rights of loved ones while improving self-determination and empowerment for sustained, positive outcomes

The Columbus Organization Community Navigators are well-trained to identify community supports outside the scope of traditional service centers. They:

  • Are actively involved in crisis and triage
  • Recognize potential problems and proactively intervene before they escalate
  • Provide case management services and are involved in person-centered planning
  • Improve the family’s ability to communicate needs to providers
  • Access care and services across mental, behavioral, and physical healthcare delivery systems that leads to greater holistic and person-centered care

The Columbus Organization provides these services statewide to individuals under the Lifespan Waiver.

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Devon Manley
Executive Director of Delaware Care Coordination
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