“I first became acquainted with the Columbus Organization in 2005. Since that time, I’ve held a position under their employment at two of Indiana’s state facilities. I feel as if I’m an extension of a supportive family, on my own, but knowing they’re just a phone call or email away. I’m proud to be a team member of such a reputable organization.”

~ Nancy Barnes CPhT, Madison, IN
“I have had the privilege of working with The Columbus Organization as a staff psychiatrist since 2007 at one of the State Hospitals. During this time, I have had multiple interactions with Columbus administration and have also heard about their programs and services that they offer through their Psychiatrists at various other state operated facilities. Columbus has not only been successfully able to employ and retain an excellent group of Psychiatrists but has also been able to effectively communicate with them on an ongoing basis. Columbus has also been very receptive in attending to the feedback of the employed physicians. Their corporate culture is best described as both patient and physician friendly. It therefore comes as no surprise that Columbus has been able to compete and win multi-year state contracts for providing Medical Staffing at multiple State operated facilities in Indiana for quite a few times. Their in-house recruitment staff is excellent in hiring well-qualified psychiatrists and they also have a well-established ongoing liaison with their client hospitals. This winning combination of physician friendliness and client satisfaction has consistently distinguished Columbus from its competition. It has been a wonderful experience working for Columbus and I have no doubt in my mind that Columbus will always prove to be a great asset to ours and any other mental health facility for many years to come.”

~ Dr. Anjum S. Ashraf, MD, Psychiatrist
“I just completed my one-year anniversary with The Columbus Organization. My experience with Columbus has been “easy”. The recruiter I had was phenomenal and had great interpersonal skills. She kept me up to date throughout the process, answered all my questions, and was very resourceful, making my decision to join easy. They have been respectful, professional, and willing to listen and work with me. I have greatly appreciated their support this past year and hope to continue this easy work relationship. I will add one unique attribute I have noticed about The Columbus Organization is the sense of individual attention and consideration provided to their staff.”

~ Dr. Giovanna Guerra, PSY.D, Acting Chief of Psychology
“I have been an independent contract psychiatrist for The Columbus Organization since 2007 at the Evansville State Hospital in Evansville, Indiana. I have 30 years of psychiatric experience in public and private practice. I have never worked for an organization that is so attentive to the needs of physicians without being intrusive. It is a pleasure to work for an organization whose primary purpose is to match and support the working conditions and competencies of its contractors. I can recommend The Columbus Organization without reservation in all aspects of physician support including, but not limited to: compensation, vacation time, benefits, and logistical support. I intend to retire from The Columbus Organization a happy, fulfilled and financially secure psychiatrist with memories to last a lifetime.”

~ Patricia B. Morrison, MD, Staff Psychiatrist, Evansville State Hospital
“I became interested in a position with The Columbus Organization in 2011. It was a pleasure working with the recruitment staff as we went through the application, interview, and selection process. Through the process, the staff was always courteous, respectful, and maintained contact with me about the position I was seeking. Since accepting the position, I continue to be pleased working for The Columbus Organization. Anytime I have a question, the staff has been easily accessible by phone and email to promptly answer any questions. I believe the compensation package has been competitive, and my family and I have been very pleased with our health insurance plan offered through The Columbus Organization. In addition to my experience working for The Columbus Organization, I have found them to be a great resource in recruiting and bringing on qualified staff. When my department was in need of another full-time, doctoral level practitioner, The Columbus Organization conducted a national search for qualified candidates. They presented a number of potential candidates for the position, and through their efforts, we were able to bring in a well-qualified practitioner that we continue to be pleased with.”

~ Robert E. Connell, Psy.D.,Psychology Director, Logansport State Hospital
“In over 30 years of operation, The Columbus Organization has partnered with more than 140 agencies. Still, as an employee since 2011, I’ve found the individual attention it offers to be on par with that of much smaller companies. They don’t stop at issuing paychecks and administrative support in a timely way. Its central office employees are efficient, organized, professional, and clearly committed to facilitating the success and satisfaction of their employees. Its customer service philosophy is apparent in its dealings with employees, as well as with each other. Our interaction isn’t daily, but I like knowing that when I do need support or information from my employer, their response will be prompt, sensitive, and constructive.”

~ Amanda, A Columbus Employee
“I have worked for The Columbus Organization for the last 13 months, full time. I have been in the Mental Health field as a professional therapist since 1993, and a Licensed Psychologist since 2006. My complete experience with The Columbus Organization has been of the highest level of professional standards, and from the very first contact that has been the case. They were there to be sure I was fully apprised of the progress in my interview, placement and continued employment at my current position. After my initial hiring I have needed to be in contact with them for various reasons. Each and every time I have had a question or request, however big or small; I have had a knowledgeable and prompt response. I have been very happy with my current placement and would recommend The Columbus Organization to any other professional seeking employment, or to any organization seeking to fill their current, or future staffing needs.”

~ Dr. Frank Choate, Psy.D. HSPP, Forensic Psychologist, Logansport State Hospital